About Us

As a young child growing up in Chicago I often spent weekends at my grandmother, Evelyn’s house. We would spend endless hours finger painting and listening to classical music. We often danced in the living room with tutus on. Evelyn loved the Ballet. 

She was also an avid collector of jewelry. As she traveled the globe either by ocean liner or by the new invention called the ‘airplane’ she would come back with many exciting stories and beautiful objects to show us.

When I was much older and ready to decide on a career she was the one who encouraged me to go into fashion as it was a passion of mine. She said, "Do what you love and you will be successful."

The thing that I find most intriguing about jewelry is that there is a sense of timelessness & permanence to it. You can uncover a shipwreck or ancient ruins and find beautiful pieces that have been worn many ages before and yet are still modern & sexy. I like to think that the woman who wears my jewelry is someone who is not afraid to take on any challenge and yet can be sexy & alluring at the same time.

We make each piece of jewelry in our studio. The attention to detail and quality are strictly adhered to as all of the bracelets, necklaces & earrings are carefully inspected. Each piece is made of sterling silver, or for the Gold Collection, pewter and brass which is then plated in 22kt gold. We use semiprecious stones and freshwater pearls.
I am constantly trying new ways of interpreting ancient styles and cultures. I also appreciate the classic simple design that fits well & is comfortable to wear. Evelyn Knight Jewelry is sexy, simple, ancient and modern. The pieces are meant to be collected and worn for years to come.